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"Hi, I am Carmen Soraya Kelly. As a result of my cancer diagnosis, I was inspired to make a difference by starting #TheGlovesAreOn Campaign and then setting up the charity. I was one of the fortunate ones who, because of early detection, has beaten cancer. I now want to inspire others by raising awareness of cancer, mental health issues, and other serious subjects that need to be highlighted!

I am passionate about the inclusion of young people and helping them to have a voice. That passion gave me the drive to study for a BA (Hons) Degree in Youth and Community Education at the age of 36. Along with my degree, I have also undertaken relevant training including most recently mental health and suicide awareness courses. I will continue, on an ongoing basis, to keep up to date with any relevant training to ensure I have a comprehensive knowledge of subjects or issues affecting the

communities we work and live in.

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United we are standing in a fight 👊🥊 to make even more of a difference, fighting for children, young people & families to have a voice 📢 and be heard 🔊 😀

Following a diagnosis of breast cancer in October 2017, Soraya Kelly started a campaign called #TheGlovesAreOn. Through this campaign, Soraya has already been able to raise awareness for the early detection of cancer. As well as helping to alleviate some of the stigma associated with the word, known to many as the big C. The #TheGlovesAreOn campaign has now become an inspirational journey making a difference to many.

#TheGlovesAreOn gained charitable status October 2019 and will continue under the charity to do so much more than it has been doing since February 2018 when the campaign first began. By supporting children, young people, and families through Education👩‍🎓👨‍🎓Support😀and Guidance🤗

Having had a very dysfunctional upbringing in a deprived area that suffered from high unemployment, extensive drug, and alcohol misuse, Soraya has always used her experiences to make a difference. Her motto in her words; "not why me, but try me!" Despite leaving school without any qualifications and with a disability, she has succeeded against the odds.

With this in mind, Soraya is particularly passionate about providing opportunities and support for young people and disadvantaged groups. The charity encourages a partnership approach as Soraya feels, from experience, better outcomes will be achieved.

What we do

Registered Charity

We operate within the communities we work and live in to generate awareness of serious issues affecting children, young people, and adults. Our approach is to support those who need it most; we have an 'inclusion for all' ethos.

#TheGlovesAreOn campaign has already started to see some amazing results. From supporting the local breast cancer unit and the Caron Keating Foundation to raising funds for Finn, an inspirational boy who had an inoperable brain tumor and who sadly passed away last year.

Soraya's philosophy is that, with a collective approach, better outcomes will prevail.

We hope you will enjoy visiting this website and will continue to help us make a difference by spreading the word.


United we are stronger!

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Our Supporters

With thanks to the following organisations for their continued support

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Youth Club Evening Provisions 

St Mellons Youth Club




Address: 30 Crickhowell Road,

Crickhowell Road, Cardiff,

CF3 0EF 

Tel: 029 2078 0992

Powerhouse Youth Club

Address: The Power House, Maelfa, Cardiff, CF23 9PN

Tel: 029 2054 9650

North Ely Youth Club


Address: Pethybridge Rd,
Cardiff, CF5 4DP

Tel: 029 2059 2407

Butetown Pavilion Youth Club

 Address: 40 Loudoun Square,
Cardiff, CF10 5UZ

Tel: 029 2048 7658